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      For any field employee who does not show up for work without notifying Allcor Staffing Services, Inc. Branch office at least 48 hours prior to start of shift, or walks off the job prior to the end of shift or tests positive for a drug test - minimum wage of $7.25 per hour will apply for all time due. Termination by employer/client will not be cause for reduction in pay.
Allcor Staffing Services, Inc. takes a firm stand on the use of drugs and alcohol and fully supports a drug-free workplace. If you are involved in a work related injury, no matter how slight, while on an assignment for Allcor Staffing Services, Inc. you will be required to take a post injury clinical drug test.

Some of our clients also require a clinical test in addition to our screening. You will be informed as to whether or not you will be required to comply with such a request before your assignment begins. All drug screen results are kept confidential.

Our test is very simple. You will be asked to provide a urine specimen, place the lid on the cup and wait five minutes. After we have reviewed the results, you will be asked to personally dispose of the urine specimen in the restroom.

In addition to our on-site drug screening, Allcor Staffing Services, Inc. has established a Reasonable Suspicion/ Just Cause for drug testing. All employees will be required to submit to a drug test when a supervisor determines that there is “reasonable suspicion” to believe that an employee has violated our drug-free policy.

Reasonable suspicion may arise from:

-Abnormal or unusual behavior
-Information provided by a reliable source
-A work related accident
-Direct observation of substance possession and/or use
-Presence of physical symptoms (ie: glassy or bloodshot eyes, alcohol or odor on breath, blurred vision, poor coordination and/or reflexes)
-Physical or verbal altercations
-Mood swings
-Increased inattentiveness and absent mindedness
-Increased hostility
-Deteriorating disciplinary incidents
-Substandard work
-Increased absenteeism

An Allcor Staffing Services, Inc. recruiter will answer any questions you may have regarding our drug free policy. We appreciate your cooperation with our drug free policy and wish you the best of luck on your assignment.

Consent to Request Consumer Report & Investigative Consumer Report Information
-I understand that Allcor Staffing Services, Inc. (‘COMPANY’) will use Background Investigation Bureau ("BIB')., 9710 Northcross Center Ct, Huntersville, NC 28078, 877.438.3900to obtain a consumer report and/or investigative consumer report (“Report”) as part of the hiring process. I also understand that if hired, to the extent permitted by law, COMPANY may obtain further Reports from BIB so as to update, renew or extend my employment.

-I understand that I have the right to receive notice about the nature and scope of any investigative consumer report requested within five days after the COMPANY receives my request or five days after the investigative consumer report was requested, whichever is later.

-I understand BIB's investigation may include obtaining information regarding my credit background, bankruptcies, lawsuits, judgments, paid tax liens, unlawful detainer actions, failure to pay spousal or child support, accounts placed for collection, character, general reputation, personal characteristics and standard of living, driving record and criminal record, subject to any limitations imposed by applicable federal and state law. I understand such information may be obtained through direct or indirect contact with former employers, schools, financial institutions, landlords and public agencies or other persons who may have such knowledge. If an investigative consumer report is being requested, I understand such information may be obtained through any means, including but not limited to personal interviews with my acquaintances and/or associates or with others whom I am acquainted.

-I acknowledge receipt of the attached summary of my rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act and, as required by law, any related State summary of rights (collectively “Summaries of Rights”).

-This consent will not affect my ability to question or dispute the accuracy of any information contained in a Report. I understand if COMPANY makes a conditional decision to disqualify me based all or in part on my Report, I will be provided with a copy of the Report and another copy of the Summaries of Rights, and if I disagree with the accuracy of the purported disqualifying information in the Report, I must notify COMPANY within five business days of my receipt of the Report that I am challenging the accuracy of such information with BIB.

-I hereby consent to this investigation and authorize COMPANY to procure a Report on my background.

In order to verify my identity for the purposes of Report preparation, I am voluntarily releasing my date of birth, social security number and the other information and fully understand that all employment decisions are based on legitimate non-discriminatory reasons.
Consent to Request Consumer Report & Investigative Consumer Report Information
In connection with my application with ALLCOR STAFFING SERVICES, I understand that investigative background inquiries may be made on myself including, but not limited to previous employer verifications, education verifications, consumer credit reports, criminal convictions or history, motor vehicle reports, Social Security trace reports, and other reports. These reports may include reasons for termination of past employment from previous employers. Further, I understand that ALLCOR STAFFING SERVICES and/or it’s authorized agent, may be requesting information from various Federal, State, and other agencies which maintain records concerning my past activities relating to my driving, credit, criminal, civil, and other experiences, and may include information involving me in the files of insurance companies.

I hereby authorize and release, without reservation, any party or agency contracted by ALLCOR STAFFING SERVICES, BIB, and their employees or clients where I may work from any and all claims, actions, suits, agreements, or liabilities arising from the release of said information to ALLCOR STAFFING SERVICES or any authorized agent thereof. I authorize ALLCOR STAFFING SERVICES to share said information to clients/businesses where I may be assigned to work.

I also authorize ALLCOR STAFFING SERVICES to DEDUCT a fee on from my first week’s paycheck for the fees related to employment verification including various reports and background checks referenced above.
** Fees are specific to each Allcor Staffing location. Please see the table at the very bottom of this page for the appropriate fee related to each seperate location.

Congratulations and welcome to Allcor Staffing! We are excited to have you as part of one of the fastest-growing companies in the area.
This Handbook is designed to acquaint you with Allcor Staffing and to give you a ready reference to answer most of your questions regarding your employment with us. We intend for this Handbook to summarize what you can expect from us, and what we expect from you. However, the contents of this Handbook constitute only a summary of the employee benefits, personnel policies, and employment regulations in effect at the time of publication. In the case of insurance and other benefits, the current insurance or benefit plan documents will control. This Handbook should not be construed as creating any kind of "employment contract," since Allcor Staffing has the ability to add, change or delete wages, benefits, policies and all other working conditions as it deems appropriate without obtaining another person's consent or agreement.

As provided in the Employee Acknowledgment and Agreement, nothing in this Handbook creates or is intended to create a promise or representation of continued employment. Employment at Allcor Staffing is employment at-will and may be terminated at the will of either Allcor Staffing or the employee. You have the right to terminate your employment at any time, with or without cause or notice, and Allcor Staffing has a similar right. Your status as an "at-will" employee may not be changed except in writing signed by the CEO of Allcor Staffing. Employment at-will is the sole and entire agreement between Allcor Staffing and you concerning the duration of your employment and the circumstances under which your employment may be terminated. Employment with Allcor Staffing can be terminated either by the employee or by the company at any time with or without cause.

It is inevitable that new polices will need to be established from time to time and that old policies will require revision. With the exception of the at-will employment policy described above, management reserves the right to add, change, delete or attaché addenda to this handbook or to the company policy without notice. We will strive to provide you with any such revisions in a timely manner.
Updated policies will be distributed to you from time to time as policies or benefits are revised. We request that you keep your Employee Handbook readily available and insert updated material promptly, so that it is kept current.

We value your contribution, welcome your ideas, and welcome you to Allcor Staffing Services. Congratulations on joining our team and best wishes for success as we build a future together.

Allcor Staffing Services vision is to be the employee, client and community recognized leader in the staffing industry for our respective communities and to be recognized as one of the regions’ leading employers, in both revenue and excellence.

Allcor Staffing Services mission is to develop employees and associates into enthusiastic, excited leaders in our industry who assist our clients in achieving their business objectives by providing amazing service without exception.

Allcor Staffing’s goal is to become recognized for the best service in our industry and our area. You may be assured that your selection as an Allcor Staffing Services employee means that you are among the brightest and best in your field. Understanding that we have both internal (employees and associates), and external (client companies), clients, our employees, our associates as well as our clients are assured and should expect that we will always do business in an honest and forthright manner. As an Allcor Staffing employee, it is our expectation that you will live our Core Values as you relate to co-workers, associates, and clients. You should not accept a position with Allcor Staffing Services Inc if you are unable to agree to our six Core Values.
Honesty - We will deal in an honest and trustworthy manner with our employees, associates, clients, and community relationships. This is the important cornerstone of our company.
Work Ethic – Our employees and associates can be trusted to go above and beyond the expected to assure the work is completed in an exemplary manner.
Urgency – We will respond to both internal and external clients with passion and the understanding that the job or issue is urgent.
Sales – We are a sales organization. All employees, regardless of position will be focused on achieving our sales goals.
Relationships – Positive, long-lasting relationships are a foundation of our business. We will develop long-lasting, multi-level relationships with internal and external clients.
Goals – We believe setting, striving toward and achieving goals is a measure of our success as a company and individually. Rewards are based on performance, development, and ultimately results.

The following standard and basic policies are for all Allcor Staffing Services regular employees. You are encouraged to ask questions regarding any or all of the policies outlined in this handbook.

Equal Employment Opportunity Policy
All qualified applicants and employees without regard to race, religion, color, sex, national origin, age, disability, or any other protected status in accordance with the requirements of all federal, state and local laws will receive equal opportunity in all employment practices of Allcor Staffing Services Inc.

Introductory Period
Beginning with the date of hire, all Allcor Staffing employees are subject to an introductory period of no less than 90 days. During that time your performance will be evaluated on several levels including, but not limited to, attendance, skill, timeliness in performing assigned tasks, assimilation into workplace environment, ability to relate to others, and response to training/coaching. At the end of 90 days, a decision may be made, depending on the assignmen, regarding an offer of fulltime employment. Nothing about the introductory period or offer of fulltime employment will affect the employees “at will” status. Both employee and employer have the right to terminate the relationship at any time without notice.

Training and Development
Each new employee will receive the training needed to perform the duties for which they were hired along with an introduction to Allcor Staffing and the company’s expectation. It is our goal to develop each employee to their best potential in the area of their gifts.

How Will I Be Paid?
Your salary or hourly rate of pay when hired is established based on your experience, skills and ability to perform the specific task for which you are hired. All compensation information is strictly confidential. Discussion of compensation whether yours or a co-worker’s is grounds for immediate termination of employment.

Pay Periods
Allcor Staffing employees are paid weekly each Friday for work performed the past Monday through Sunday. When Friday falls on a holiday, you will receive your pay the prior day.

Direct Deposit
Direct Deposit is the preferred method of payment for Allcor Staffing Services. We have collaborated with BB&T bank to provide Direct Deposit for each ASSI employee along with a free checking account. Direct Deposit to your existing bank is also available, while it remains possible to receive your pay in the form of a check.

Time Cards
Whether salary or hourly, you are responsible for keeping a record of the hours worked. You should record your time of arrival each day, time departing for lunch, time returning from lunch and the time you leave work. When your time card is complete for each Monday through Sunday, you will submit your time card to your immediate supervisor, (or the designated responsible person), for their approval. Time cards must be submitted every Monday by Noon. If you discover an error after your time card has been submitted, the person responsible for approving your time card must initial and approve any changes.

The Basics - - Rules To Protect Us All
The following portion of this Handbook focuses on basic rules that should not be violated under any circumstances. Violation of any of these rules can result in immediate termination. If you have any questions about these rules, or what we expect of you as one of our employees, please discuss them with your supervisor. Allcor Staffing Services identification of these rules does not alter the at-will nature of your employment. Described below are the basic rules which we expect our employees to follow. This list is not all-inclusive, but should provide employees with an overview of what is expected from them.

Absenteeism and Tardiness
As an employee of Allcor Staffing Services, you are a vital part of a team. Whether you realize it or not, your co-workers, as well as our clients, depend on your work for the team to operate effectively. Your absence creates a heavier workload for your co-workers. For this reason, excessive absences or tardiness, regardless of reason, will not be tolerated. It is unfair to your co-workers and clients. If an absence or tardiness is unavoidable, you must notify your immediate supervisor before the start of your shift, as early as possible. It is important to speak with a supervisor or manager when/if you are unable to be at work on time and work your full day.

Courtesy is the responsibility of every employee. We expect everyone to be courteous, polite, and friendly both to our clients and to fellow employees. No one should be disrespectful to a client or fellow employee, use profanity, or engage in any activity, which injures the image or reputation of Allcor Staffing.

Fighting, Threats and Weapons
Allcor does not tolerate fighting or threatening words or conduct on our premises. Please review the Workplace Violence Policy in this Handbook.

Any form of harassment which violates federal, state or local law, including, but not limited to harassment related to an individual's race, religion, color, sex, national origin, citizenship status, age or disability is a violation of this policy and will be treated as a disciplinary matter. Please review the Policy Against Harassment in this Handbook.

We expect every employee to follow the instructions of supervisors and other management officials. Failure to do so constitutes insubordination.

Poor Performance
Every employee is expected to make every effort to learn his or her job and to perform that job at a satisfactory level. Any employee who fails to maintain a satisfactory level of performance is subject to termination.

Allcor is committed to providing a safe place for you to work. We require all employees to exercise good judgment and common sense in their daily activities at work. Horseplay and practical jokes can cause accidents and injuries and therefore are not permitted.

Expectations for all employees of ALLCOR Staffing Services Inc:
•Safety is the top priority of any job or assignment.
•Take the time to perform work safely.
•Address unsafe work behaviors with others.
•Report accidents/incidents and injuries immediately (at the time of occurrence) to your worksite supervisor and ALLCOR at 865-238-5734.
•Contact your supervisor, manager, or ALLCOR Corporate, if there are questions or concerns regarding safety.

Program Improvement
Rules and guidelines cannot be written to cover all possible work situations. It is the primary responsibility of each employee to remain alert and to safely perform their tasks in a manner that prevents injury to themselves, fellow employees, clients, or our customers. Suggestions from any employee to further improve these safety guidelines or to improve the safety of operations overall will receive positive and prompt attention for consideration. At times, your supervisor may need you to take extra safety precautions. These precautions may require you to wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that you may not normally wear. You are expected to comply with all safety initiatives whether written or verbal. The following are basic safety guidelines. These guidelines are in place for the safety and well-being of our employees, clients and vendors.

1 Report any unsafe conditions immediately (when you notice it) to your worksite supervisor and ALLCOR at 865-238-5734.
2. Report all accidents/incidents and/or damage immediately (at the time of occurrence) regardless of how minor, to your supervisor and ALLCOR at 865-238-5734.
3. Seat belts will be worn at all times while working/on duty and operating or occupying a motor vehicle.
4. Safety glasses will be worn at all times while inside any shop areas of ALLCOR clients (Mechanic & Tire, Manufacturing, are some examples of areas requiring safety glasses).
5. All electrical tools are to be insulated and properly grounded. Do not use electrical tools that do not meet these guidelines.
6. Backing a motor vehicle will be avoided if possible. When backing is unavoidable, back only as far as is necessary to clear the obstacle in front of your vehicle.
7. Mobile phones will not be used while operating a motor vehicle without the use of a hands free device.
8. Clothing and footwear should be safe for the environment that you work in. Open toed/heeled shoes or sandals are not permitted outside clerical/office environments.
9. Employees are not allowed to ride on/in any vehicle unless seated, per the vehicle manufacturer guidelines.
10. Smoking is prohibited within fifty (50) feet of any chemical storage room, tank, vehicle, or device.
11. Smoking is prohibited in all company vehicles.
12. “Horseplay” will not be tolerated.
13. All client’s safety rules and guidelines will be closely adhered to.

Protection from Slips, Trips & Falls
Constant awareness and concentration are your best defense against slip, trip and fall hazards both on and off the job. Always pay attention to what you are doing and where you are going. To ensure proper footing use designated walkways when possible. Keep walkways free of anything that could represent a slip, trip or fall hazard.
1. Watch where you’re walking.
2. Wipe the soles of your shoes off before entering any building.
3. Approach doorways and corners with caution.
4. Avoid places with slippery, unstable, or uneven footing when possible.
5. Wear shoes that are in good condition and designed for the environment that you are walking in.
6. If in doubt of any floor or ground condition, report it to your supervisor immediately (at the time you notice it).

1. Chairs or file and desk drawers will be pushed in immediately when not in use or unattended.
2. Work areas and hallways will be neat and free of any slip, trip and fall hazards.
3. Spills will be clearly marked and cleaned up immediately.
4. Electrical cords will not cross designated walk areas. If this condition is unavoidable, the cord will be clearly identified and secured to minimize the tripping hazard.
5. Trash and other clutter will be placed and stored in appropriate containers.
6. Hoses, cords, tools, and accessories are will be properly secured and stored while not in use and at the end of each workday.
7. Emergency exits will be kept accessible and clear of any obstructions on both sides of the doorway.

Chairs are for seating purposes only. Chairs are not to be stood on or substituted for ladders under any circumstances. Chair legs or casters will be kept on the ground at all times while seated.

Lifting Objects
Always use good lifting principles when you are required to lift a heavy object. Always ask for help, if help is available. Never attempt to lift anything if you have reason to believe that it may cause you to strain.
1 .Use good lifting technique – If you don’t know how to properly lift, ask your supervisor for help (BEFORE you attempt to lift the object).
2. Assume and maintain a good, stable, and balanced posture.
3. Make certain that the load can be grasped securely before lifting and controlled during transport.
4. Keep your upper body as erect as possible and smoothly (don’t jerk), lift or lower the load with your legs.
5. Keep the load as close to your body as possible.
6. Do not twist your body while lifting, lowering, or transporting a load.
7. When moving heavy, bulky or unstable loads:
•Ask for help.
•Look for ways to reduce the load.
•Use a cart or similar device.

Handling Materials
Do not lift any object whose weight is unknown. Determine if it can be manually moved, determine the best method, get help, and then proceed. When handling materials inspect any load before lifting or carrying an object. Look for sharp edges or projections that could cause injury or prevent the load from being securely grasped. Make sure that the load is stable and will not shift or topple during lifting, lowering, or transport. Make sure that you know the route you’re going to take and be sure the path is free of any obstructions. Make sure the load does not block your view of the path you are taking. Gasoline or other fuels will only be transported via containers in good condition and designed for the transportation of the type of fuel being transported. If handling chemicals, use the correct PPE as outlined in the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS). Become familiar with the chemical being transported before transportation begins. All containers will be labeled as to content.

Do not use any powered lifting devices until authorized by management and only after proper instruction and training.

Machinery and Equipment
All equipment will be used according the manufacturers requirements. Equipment will not be operated with guards or protective devices removed, altered or made inoperative. This includes all manual, electrical, mechanical, or pneumatic equipment at any client location or worksite.
Any defective, broken, or inoperative guarding equipment will be reported immediately to your supervisor, manager, or the ALLCOR Operations Manager at 865-238-5734. Such damaged equipment may not be used until the guards are repaired or replaced.

Basic equipment use rules:
1. Never operate any equipment unless you have been authorized and trained to use it.
2. Report any defective equipment immediately (at the time you notice it) and stop any further use.
3. Make sure all personnel are clear of the equipment before use.
4. No equipment will be left running while unattended unless specifically designed to do so.
5. All equipment will be turned off and de-energized before any maintenance or adjustment is made unless it is specifically designed for maintenance or adjustment while in operation. Lock out - tag out programs will be followed during any maintenance.
6. Proper clothing and protective equipment will be worn around all equipment. Loose fitting clothing or jewelry that can be caught in the moving parts of equipment will not be allowed.

Sudden Acceleration
All employees must fully understand what to do if a vehicle suddenly accelerates.
1. Assume that all vehicles may have this problem.
2. Check the vehicle for debris or trash that could interfere with the brake, clutch, or accelerator pedals before starting the engine.
3. Check to make sure the “cruise control” is off after starting the engine.
4. Before placing vehicles into gear make sure your foot is on the brake and check for pedal pressure.
5. If sudden unexpected acceleration occurs:
•Stay calm and take action immediately.
•Apply brakes firmly immediately.
•Shift car into neutral or park immediately.
•Turn off the ignition.
•Notify your supervisor/manager immediately and do not attempt to restart the vehicle.

Additional Safety Guidelines for Operational Personnel

Hand and Powered Tools
Power tools of any kind are only to be used after the approval of your supervisor and the assurance that you know and understand the proper use of the tool you are about to use. Power tools will only be used specifically for the purpose, and in the same manner, that the manufacturer recommends. Always use appropriate PPE when using power tools of any kind.
The following are some examples of hand and powered tools. The list is not all-inclusive and is only a sampling to give employees an example of what types of tools are referred to as “hand and powered tools.”
•Drill/Saw (powered or hand)/Driver
•Forklift/Pallet Jack (powered or manual)/Walkie Stacker/Cherry Picker/Picker/Shrink Wrapper (powered or manual)
•Bobcat/Loader/Trac-hoe/Back-hoe/Dozer (Any heavy equipment)

Prohibited Tools
The following tools are expressly forbidden for ALLCOR employees to use without written permission from a member of ALLCOR management:
•Wood Chipper
•Ladder over 6ft in height
•Man-Lift/Scissor Lift or Bucket Lift
•Any tool used over/on/in any body of water

Prohibited Assignments
ALLCOR employees are forbidden from performing certain tasks due to the high risk of injury or loss associated with them. These tasks include, but are not limited to, the following duties:
•Ladder work over 6ft
•Working on/over/in any body of water
•Tree trimming/removal
•Any work inside residential dwellings
•Any work higher than 6ft above the ground
Any employee asked to perform any of the preceding duties without written permission from ALLCOR Staffing Services Inc, must refuse the request until written permission has been obtained, and is in possession of the employee performing the task.

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
The leadership at ALLCOR Staffing Services Inc believes that people are the best investment that any organization can have. ALLCOR Staffing Services Inc has invested vast amounts of resources to ensure all employees are protected from hazards in the workforce. Depending on your assignment, you may have been issued one or more forms of PPE. All employees issued PPE are expected to wear their PPE according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Employees issued PPE are also expected to maintain their PPE in a reasonable fashion.

Substance Abuse
Substance abuse is not tolerated at Allcor Staffing. Our Drug and Alcohol Policy, which is set forth in detail in this Handbook, explains our position and policy regarding the use of drugs and alcohol.

Unlawful Activity
No employee may engage in any unlawful activity either on or off the job as this can adversely affect Allcor Staffing’ reputation. Violation of any of these rules may lead to discipline, up to and including immediate termination. This list is not all inclusive and there may be other circumstances for which employees may be disciplined or terminated. If you have any questions about these basics, or what we expect of you as one of our employees, please discuss them with your supervisor.

Allcor does not tolerate harassment of any of our employees, applicants, clients, customers and/or vendors. Any form of harassment which violates federal, state or local law, including, but not limited to harassment related to an individual's race, religion, color, sex, national origin, citizenship status, age or disability is a violation of this policy and will be treated as a disciplinary matter. For these purposes the term "harassment," includes slurs and any other offensive remarks, jokes, verbal, graphic, and/or physical conduct. In addition to the above listed conduct, "sexual harassment" can also include the following examples of unacceptable behavior:
-Unwanted sexual advances
-Offering an employment benefit (such as a raise or promotion or assistance with one’s career) in exchange for sexual favors, or threatening an employment detriment (such as termination, demotion, or disciplinary action) for an employee’s failure to engage in sexual activity/harassment
-Visual harassment, such as leering, making sexual gestures, displaying of sexually suggestive objects, pictures, cartoons and/or posters.
-Verbal sexual advances, propositions and/or requests
-Verbal abuse of a sexual nature, graphic verbal commentaries about an individual's body, sexually degrading words used to describe an individual, suggestive or obscene letters, notes, and/or invitations.
-Physical conduct, such as touching, assault, impeding or blocking movements

If you have any questions about what constitutes harassing behavior, ask your supervisor or another management official. VIOLATION OF THIS POLICY WILL SUBJECT AN EMPLOYEE TO DISCIPLINARY ACTION, UP TO AND INCLUDING IMMEDIATE DISCHARGE. You should also be aware that our supervisors and managers are covered by this policy and are prohibited from engaging in any form of harassing conduct. Further, no supervisor or other member of management has the authority to suggest to any employee or applicant that the individual’s employment, continued employment or future advancement will be affected in any way by the individual’s entering into (or refusing to enter into) any form of personal relationship with the supervisor or member of management.
Harassment of our employees in connection with their work by non-employees may also be a violation of this policy. Any employee who experiences harassment by a non-employee, or who observes harassment of an employee by a non-employee should report such harassment to his or her supervisor. Employees in violation of this policy will be subject to disciplinary action or termination.
If you feel that you are being harassed by another employee or by anyone else, you should immediately notify your supervisor. If the matter involves your supervisor or you do not feel that the matter can be discussed with your supervisor, you should contact the owner and arrange for a meeting to discuss your complaint. You may be assured that your complaint will be kept as confidential as possible and that you will not be penalized in any way for reporting a harassment incident.

We cannot help resolve a harassment problem unless we know about it. Therefore, it is your responsibility and duty to bring those kinds of problems to our attention so that we can take whatever steps are necessary to correct the problem. If management finds that an employee has violated our Policy Against Harassment, appropriate disciplinary action will be taken, up to and including termination.

Drug and Alcohol abuse ranks as one of the major health problems in the United States. Our employees are our most valuable resource, and their safety and health is of paramount concern. We are committed to providing a safe working environment to protect our employees and others; to provide the highest level of service; and to minimize the risk of accidents and injuries.
2)General Policy
Each Allcor Staffing employee has a responsibility to co-workers and the public to deliver services in a safe and conscientious manner. Continuing research and practical experience have proven that even limited quantities of narcotics, abused prescription drugs or alcohol can impair your reflexes and judgment. This impairment, even when not readily apparent, can have catastrophic results. For these reasons, we have a policy that all employees must report to work and remain completely free from the presence and effects of drugs and alcohol.
Allcor Staffing Services reserves the right to conduct drug tests in the following circumstances:
a)Reasonable Suspicion - When an employee is suspected of working or reporting to work with illegal drugs or other mind-altering substances in his or her system; or
b)Post-Accident or Injury - When an employee is involved in an accident involving property damage or suffers an on-the-job injury.
c)Periodic or Random Basis.
In order to enforce this policy and procedures, Allcor Staffing may conduct searches of all areas of the physical premises of any Allcor Staffing location, including, but not limited to work areas, personal articles, desks and work stations. Employees will be subject to discipline up to and including discharge for refusing to cooperate with searches or investigations, refusing to submit to screening or for failing to execute consent forms when required by supervision.
5) Discipline
All employees who test positive in a confirmed substance test will be subject to discipline up to and including termination.

Allcor Staffing Services Inc has a zero tolerance for violent acts or threats of violence against our employees, applicants, clients, customers or vendors. No employee should commit or threaten to commit any violent act against a co-worker, applicant, client, customer or vendor. Any employee who is subjected to or threatened with violence by a co-worker, client, customer or vendor, or is aware of another individual who has been subjected to or threatened with violence, is to report this information to his/her supervisor/manager as soon as possible. Please do not assume that any threat is not serious. Please bring all threats to our attention so that we can deal with them appropriately.
All threats will be thoroughly investigated, and all complaints which are reported to management will be treated with as much confidentiality as possible.

1) Office Hours
Unless special hours are set at your branch, hours for all offices during the week are 8:00am to 5:00pm, Monday - Friday. All offices are to remain open during the lunch hour. As business requires, Allcor Staffing offices will extend regular operating hours both in hours open and also days open. Hours will be set for each office that reflect the needs of our clients.
2) Absenteeism and Tardiness
Each of our employees plays an important role in getting the day's work done. Absenteeism or tardiness, even for good reasons, is disruptive of our operations and interferes with our ability to satisfy our customer's needs. Therefore, each employee is expected to be at work on time each day. Excessive absenteeism or tardiness, excused or unexcused, can result in discipline, up to and including discharge. If you are going to be late or absent from work for any reason, you are expected to directly notify your supervisor each day you expect to be absent so that proper arrangements can be made to handle your work during your absence. Of course, some situations may arise in which prior notice cannot be given. In those circumstances, you are expected to notify your supervisor as soon as possible.
3)Dress Code
Allcor Staffing full time employees are expected to dress in a manner reflecting a professional atmosphere or appropriate for the conditions they are working in. Female employees should wear dresses, suits, or coordinated skirts, pant and blouses. Halter tops, backless sundresses, leotards, torn jeans or denims, and barefoot sandals are not acceptable. Male employees should dress in either a business suit or a business casual manner including conservative dress slacks, collared/button-down dress shirt, golf shirt and/or sport coat. Casual attire is only acceptable in industrial environments provided the employee has client approval.
4)Professional Conduct
All Allcor Staffing full time employees are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner, extending professionalism, courtesy and friendliness to clients and field employees at all times. This same demeanor is to be carried through the organization by regarding your co-workers with the same respect and dignity afforded Allcor Staffing clients and field employees.
5)Confidentiality of Business
Due to the competitive nature of our industry, it is imperative that all aspects of our business be held in the strictest of confidence. No areas of our business are to be discussed with any representative of another employment service or third party. Doing so may be cause for immediate termination.
Non-Competition Covenant. Employee promises that during his/her employment with Employer, he/she shall not, directly or indirectly, either as an employee, employer, consultant, agent, principal, partner, stockholder, corporate officer, board member, director, or in any other individual or representative capacity, engage or attempt to engage in any competitive activity relating to the subject matter of his/her employment with Employer.
Customer Lists, Confidential Information/Trade Secrets, and Unfair Competition (encompassing the definition of “Confidential Business Information”). Employee acknowledges and agrees that the names and addresses of Employer’s temporary employee staffing customers and prospective temporary employee staffing customers (collectively referred to herein as “Customers” and defined herein as all temporary employee staffing customers that Employer sells or solicits to sell temporary employee staffing services to) and all other confidential information relating to those Customers and Employer, including but not limited to all information such as information on the profitability and/or profit margins of Employer, Employer’s customer lists and potential leads customer lists, information relating to Employer’s Customers such as Customers’ workers’ compensation rates and schedule of credits, compensation packages paid to Employer’s temporary employees that are used by Employer’s Customers, the workforce compositions of Employer’s Customers, the compensation codes used to determine the compensation of the temporary employees that Employer provides to Employer’s Customers, as well as the monthly income by compensation code and past experience modifications relating to the temporary employees that Employer provides Employer’s Customers, any other information relating to Employer’s Customers that has been obtained or made known to Employee solely as the result of Employee performing his/her services for Employer, profitability of Employer, business plans, strategy plans, market intelligence gathered by the Employer whether through formal or informal market research efforts, cost of generating sales analyses, sales force compensation and incentive programs, Workers’ Compensation claims experience by industry type, any risk assessment or pricing programs, details on any strategic alliances, joint marketing programs or referral programs with third parties, training programs and related material, sales figures, sales reports, internal memoranda, personnel policies, Employer’s financial information and financial records, including without limitation, any Employer financial reports, balance sheets, profit and loss summaries, cash flow calculations, receivables, payables, and other financial information, Employer’s marketing methods and related data. Customer buying and selling habits and special needs, accounting records, marketing strategies, unique methods and procedures regarding pricing and advertising, the names of any of employer’s vendors, or suppliers, costs, sales or services, the prices Employer obtains or has obtained for Employer’s products or services, compensation paid to Employer’s employees, and other terms of employment, information regarding Employer’s relations with its employees, information regarding other employees or agents of Employer, and any other information regarding the manner of business operations of Employer, or that provides Employer a competitive advantage. Employee further acknowledges that such information is provided in confidence and constitute Confidential Information/”Trade Secrets” of Employer and that the sale or unauthorized use or disclosure of any of Employer’s Confidential Information/Trade Secrets obtained by Employee during his/her employment with Employer constitutes unfair competition. Employee promises not to engage in any unfair competition with Employer.
6)Personal Telephone Calls
Personal telephone calls should be kept to a minimum. The primary purpose of the phone system is business use, however the company understands there are times when personal phones calls are appropriate, but should be as brief as possible.
7)Mileage/Business Expense Reimbursement
Business related expenses and mileage incurred by any Allcor Staffing Services full time employee will be reimbursed when submitted with appropriate supporting documentation. Expense reports should be submitted to the General Manager biweekly for approval. Payment on expense reports will follow the regular internal payroll cycle (as long as they are submitted by Monday of the corresponding week). Expense account irregularities are treated as theft and constitute ground for immediate termination without notice.
8)Wage Attachments and Garnishments
Allcor Staffing Services’ operating policy is not to provide information to creditors to assist in the collection of personal debts from our full time staff. However, creditors do have the right to engage in certain legal procedures such as garnishment, levies or judgments, which require Allcor Staffing, by law, to withhold a portion of your earnings in their favor.
If you anticipate difficulties or problems with a creditor, please feel free to discuss the matter with Management. Many times they can be helpful in referring you to parties equipped to assist you with credit problems before the need for legal action arises.

A benefit package has been designed as part of Allcor Staffing’ commitment to provide for the security and well being of our full time staff. The following is an overview of the benefit package. Should the employee benefits package experience any changes throughout the year, the plan’s Summary Plan Description (SPD), along with its provisions, will govern.

Allcor Staffing makes federally mandated minimum essential coverage (MEC) available to eligible employees and their eligible family members per the ACA.

Coverage Effective Date
Your health coverage becomes effective on the first day of the month following the completion of the 90-day waiting period. (For example, if you are hired on June 15th, your 90-day waiting period will end on September 15th. Your insurance would then become effective on October 1st.)

Military Leave Of Absence
Employees who require time off from work to fulfill military duties will be treated in accordance with applicable requirements of state and federal laws. Additionally, the company will extend all possible effort to hold your position while you are away on military leave. You are expected to notify Allcor Staffing of upcoming military duty by providing your supervisor with a copy of your orders as soon as possible.

ALLCOR Staffing Services Inc places the safety of each and every employee above all other priorities. ALLCOR expects employees to adhere to all safety guidelines, rules, best practices, and protocols, at all times while working. Safety violations will be considered very serious infractions, and will carry equally serious consequences.

ALLCOR Staffing Services Inc is a Tennessee Certified Drug Free workforce. Any and all employees involved in any accident/incident/injury must submit immediately (at the time of occurrence) to post accident drug/alcohol testing, in compliance with TN Certified Drug Free Workforce rules and regulations. Failure to submit to post accident testing is considered by ALLCOR and the state of TN the same as a positive test result, and will result in termination of employment, and the loss of any workers compensation benefits associated with the accident/incident.

All accidents/incidents resulting in an employee injury will be investigated to determine the root cause for the incident. Investigations may require ALLCOR employees to submit written and/or oral statements describing in detail the circumstances and facts surrounding (before, during, and after) the incident. During the investigation ALLCOR employees may be suspended with, or without pay, at the sole discretion of ALLCOR management. Failure to comply with the investigation will constitute insubordination, and may constitute job abandonment, either of which will result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.

In the event of any accident/incident in which the incident investigation determines causation to be the result of an ALLCOR employee willfully acting in direct defiance of known safety protocols, the acting employee will receive disciplinary action up to, and/or including termination of employment.

Failure to abide by ALLCOR or any client/worksite safety policies/rules/guidelines may result in the denial of workers compensation benefits. If an investigation determines the injured employee willfully acted in direct defiance of known safety protocols that would have prevented the incident or injury, workers compensation benefits will be denied to the injured employee.

Any injury, NO MATTER HOW MINOR YOU THINK IT IS, absolutely will be reported to the following number immediately (at the time of occurrence).
•865-238-5734 ALLCOR Operations – Charles Wright
Failure to report an injury will result in disciplinary action, up to, and including termination of employment with ALLCOR and may result in loss of workers compensation benefits.

I understand that I will be employed by ALLCOR STAFFING SERVICES Inc and not entitled to any benefits, compensation, or bonuses except those provided by ALLCOR. I agree that I am not eligible for, nor allowed to participate in, any benefit, compensation, or bonus program provided by clients of ALLCOR.

**Employment Verification Fee per location. Fee will be deducted on first paycheck**
Knoxville, TN area - $40.00
Dallas/FT Worth, TX area - $40.00 and/or $55.00
Jeffersonville, IN area - $40.00
Indianapolis, IN area - $55.00
Frankfort, IN area - $55.00

I certify that the information on this application is true and factual.

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